Walter Isaacson, author of the Steve Jobs biography, follows me on Twitter because I told him I would be "doing great things in the world of journalism." I don't plan on letting him down.

I 'm a journalist at heart, and I love everything about the field. I've been everything from a photo editor at my school's paper to a reporter covering the media from Wall Street. Recently, and perhaps most importantly, I've found a home on the internet.

Digital journalism is a tremendously exciting realm, and I have taken the full-body plunge into shaping the future of how people consume their news. I am currently the digital managing editor at The Post, where I 'm setting up the inaugural web staff while leading the paper through a huge transition, and I love my job.

When I'm not in the newsroom or sitting in class, I'm usually somewhere online. I disconnect once in a while to read a book, which you can follow along with here. I also still enjoying being a photographer, and will cover the occasional sporting event or profile shoot for the paper. All the photography on the site, save for the picture of me, I've shot myself.

Email : Sethparcher@gmail.com

Do not send pitches to this email please, you will not get a response