Halloween at Ohio University is a big deal. Such a big deal that we call it HallOUween. The Saturday before Halloween, the third largest block party in America is held uptown, bringing about 60,000 people to campus. To start off the weekend, the biggest Ohio rival, Miami University, was crushed in the battle of the bricks football game.

Member of the Ohio 110 drumline is builds energy in the crows during the pregame show. 

After winning the game, my first football game I've ever shot, I rushed home and uploaded and edited the pictures. Then, I changed in my costume, a very dapper Mr. Rogers, and headed out to take pictures of the HallOUween festivities. 

The bloc party was amazing. That many people celebrating the same thing really gets into you. The feeling built as more and more people packed into the four square blocks. By the time the music was going and the people were dancing, the town had transformed into a haven of crazed holiday spirit. 

My favorite picture of the weekend was of the festivities, but that's not what made it my favorites. I love portraits. Like, love. So when my best friend here on campus was in her element, looking great in her costume and taking pictures of people, I owed it to her to capture the moment. I really do love this picture.