Old Man's Cave

This Saturday was Dad's weekend at Ohio University, and as part of the festivities going on, a trip to Old Man's Cave was hosted by the Outdoor Pursuits.  

The cave wasn't as much of a cave as it was a giant overhang apparently caused by water and wind eroding the softer stone in the middle layers of the earth leaving only the hard stone of the overhang and a river running through the bottom.

I went to the cave under the guise of a Post photographer, so the trip wasn't entire a personal one. I had to capture students and their fathers for the inevitable story that would be in Tuesday's paper. 

After shooting these lovely families, I wandered off into the wilderness to find what was to be found. I had to go around signs that told me I would perish in some horrible accident if I didn't follow their advice, which by going around them, I didn't. But, the best pictures are taken where no one else will go. So naturally, I had to follow the paths less traveled.

I plan on going back to the Cave, perhaps when it snows, because I think that contrast of the cold snow and the warm, Arizona looking stone would be interesting juxtaposition. It shouldn't be too long before I get to go back, Ohio weather is colder than it should be.