Day Tripping

My friends and I awoke at 6 a.m. to spend 7 hours of our day with two Nat Geo Photographers, Ami Vitale, and Melissa Farlow. They were speaking about photographic story telling. 

Dont ever think your story is over. Stay longer and the story just gets richer and richer
— Ami Vitale

Both photographers condensed their years of storytelling into these hours. They spoke of travels to remote villages, dressing up in panda suits, and cameras destroyed by wild mustangs. A far different set of experiences than I have had in the small collegiate town of Athens. 

My friends and I had a great time there and on the way there, it was great spending pressure-less time with some of the greatest people I've ever met. 

We had a fun time at the conference too. We finished puzzles, played dress up and ate food in an art museum, how could that experience be anything but amazing?

I loved the seminar. I loved the time with friends. Meeting professionals at the top of the field I wish to join, and getting a few decent pictures out of the deal, all made the trip a great one.