Night on a Parking Garage

With the gear in our arms and the picture in our heads, my friend Tessa and I set out last night to capture pictures of the night sky. The ultimate goal was a spectacular milky way, filled with countless stars like the ones seen in Nat Geo. So we set off for the highest place we could find on campus. 

The final resting place of the journey was the Athens Parking Deck. It was a good starting place, we learned a lot about astro-photography up there, but there was ultimately too much light pollution to get good exposures. Our hopes and dreams of capturing the galaxy were dashed, but compromise was found as we still got good shots from our rooftop vantage point.

Then, like the Nat Geo photographers we were trying to emulate, we froze. It was in the twenties and hours of exposure to that cold takes its toll on one's fingers. Thus, we ran to the nearest shelter, the small elevator building.

The only part of us resembling Nat Geo photographers was our frozen extremities, but the trip was a positive step towards that goal. There was a failure on the galaxy photo front, a final captured breath emulated one in a weird sort of way.