A Gathering Place

Tomorrow, The Post will release its third installment in a five part series highlighting Athens area non-profits. The Gathering Place is the focus of the most recent Aiding Athens. The Gathering Place is a small, unabashed home located at 7 N. Congress street. 

The house is home to mentally challenged "members" and people who have dedicated careers to helping these members.

I went out this past Saturday to shoot photos for the Aiding Athens series. I sat on the back porch of the Gathering Place for about four hours, gathering a narrative of these people. 

The writer for this story and I are thinking about volunteering there next semester because of how touched we were by the place. They are normal people doing great things. The members of the Gathering Place are extremely loving people, who genuinely love the help they get. The friendships formed there are equally moving. A single roof brings together so many diverse people for the purpose of healing, and they manage to accomplish that with a silent fervor I hadn't yet experienced before.