Skimping in Seattle

I was busy this summer. I worked in the deli of a local grocery store chain, and on my off days, explored Seattle or the surrounding area (including Canada)! Here are some photos from my travels over the last month or so. 

I've singled out portraits as one of my photographic weak points, so I was working towards improving my skills in that area.

My kind hosts for the summer have been my Aunt and her family, and spending so much time with them has meant they became my most common portrait subjects. 

That cute kid in the rings above is my little cousin. The shirt he is wearing is from his little league all star team. I followed his team through their journey in their local tournament, which was a great experience. Following the tournament allowed me to shoot sports again. I may not be shooting the Ohio University Bobcats that occasionally grace ESPN, but the emotional investment was just as high, and the games just as stressful to spectate.

The team has historically had very little success, but came in third of 13 teams this summer. I'm sure it will be a team they will cherish the memory of for a long while.

These last set of images don't really have a nice segue, or even category, they all would fit under, but I like them. So here are a couple random photos from the last month or so.

So that's about it. I had a wonderful time in Seattle, and came to love the pacific northwest. I had a lot of good coffee, shot a bunch of interesting subjects, and got to experience life in a completely different area of the country. It was a summer well spent.