Recording the Process, and Giving Back

I've started recording making of videos, mainly of my digital creations. Since deciding to do them, I've only remembered to record two of my projects. One of which you can see below.

I love making these, and they look really nice when they are done. To be honest, I started recording them because I've been applying to internships, and I wanted to have something to show my process. Even though many people will only care about the final product, getting to know a person is an important part of finding a good fit for a company. If I can show a prospective employer that I not only can make interesting graphics, GIFs and videos, but that I can make them in a way that shows digital best practices, then I am one step ahead of the game.

Making these videos isn't entirely selfish though. I'm in love with the open source movement. The Coral Project is a really good example of this. They are taking audience engagement and commenting to a really interesting place, and their work would be much less exciting if they decided to close it off. I've learned so much from people posting their code, behind-the-scenes videos, and tutorials, that I feel it is only fair to give back to that community in any way I can. It's a small contribution thus far, but I have to start somewhere.

Hopefully I will be making more videos like this in the future. Some of my work, like what I am doing for the Scripps Innovation Challenge, is necessarily shrouded in mystery. The result of the challenge will hopefully be made widely available when it is complete, but until then it will be kept under a watchful eye. To hold you over, here is another video, and if you'd like to see the source code for any of my graphics, the best place to do that is at The Post's Github page where I am the only current contributor.