Digital Works

As the Digital Managing Editor at The Post, I have put my heart and soul into making our website the best it can be. It's an incredible job that never ends, which is the best part about it.

My day-to-day involves leading a small team of digitally focused editors. The multimedia, social, blogs and digital production editors all reporter to me, which means I often float between editing a podcast and coding a special project in the span of a few hours.

What you see below is a slideshow of the work I am most proud of. Some of the sldies are single GIFs, some are an entire website redesign. The most fun I've had has been developing special projects at The Post. Each of the pages that I've coded have a "developed by" signature letting you know I coded them, and the source code can be found at The Post's public GitHub page.

I have made a landing page for all projects coded by The Post's web team in the 2016-17 school year, which can be found here. I am responsible for coding about half of these projects.

The photos below are snapshots of the work, click on the photo below to visit the work in it's published format.